How to get rid of dark spots?

Dark spots are the result of overactivity of the enzyme tyrosinase which causes the over-secretion of melanin which is responsible for the dark color in the skin. Can be caused as a result of sunburn, age, hormones, trauma that the skin has gone through as a result of inflammation, aggressive treatment or acne that has left dark scars.

To fade dark spots and suppress melanin, must use melanin suppressant twice a day. It is therefore important to use a serum with melanin suppressants such as Kojic acid and Arbutin, which is suitable for a day without oils that absorb the sun's rays, and without substances that make the skin sensitive to light (such as retinol and hydroquinone).

The recommended ingredients for lightening dark spots that do not irritate the skin (up to a certain percentage) and are suitable for both day and night are:

Niacinamide (Vitamin B) - Fade dark spots, corrects uneven skin tone, shrinks pores, fights acne, re-cells, reduces wrinkles, firms and tightens.

Kojic Acid - improves dark spots and brightens the skin tone by blocking the formation of melanin.

Deoxy Arbutin – Deoxy Arbutin, a compound new skin lightening ingredient, can effectively inhibit tyrosinase activity and melanin synthesis to get significant and lasting lightening effect. For skin lightening effect, Deoxy Arbutin is 350 times more effective than arbutin, 150 times more effective than kojic acid, 10 times more effective than hydroquinone. It is safer, more stable.

4-Butyl resorcinol – Better than Hydroquinone – Preferably in a low concentration that will not irritate dark skin.

20% Vitamin C – In high concentrations brightens the skin and Fades blemishes. Stimulates collagen production, restores aging skin and acne scars. Reduces wrinkles, fine lines and pores.

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